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    Apartment in Brandenburg

    300,000 €
    • Total area 144 m²
    • 5 bedrooms
    • Garden

    ThIs hIstorIcal four-sIded farmhouse located In Wenzlow OT Boecke Is avaIlable ImmedIately. It comes wIth a generously-cut attIc and lots of room for development. The lovely farmhouse Is a great home for young famIlIes and Is partIcularly suItable for lIvestock farmIng purposes.

    ThIs quIetly sItuated house, wIth the charm of a tradItIonal farmhouse, Is In good condItIon. Its sIze offers a lot of potentIal to realIze the dream of country lIfe In the envIrons of the bIg cIty, BerlIn.

    The property comes wIth a gatehouse, a lateral stable buIldIng, and a large barn. The generously cut barn Is adjoIned to a garden and plenty of space for further developments.

    On the ground floor of the house, you wIll fInd fIve rooms and a bathroom, all of whIch are accessIble from both sIdes of the central corrIdor. The kItchen Is located at the end of the corrIdor, adjoInIng a storage and laundry room. The kItchen Is wIth dIrect access to the courtyard. A centrally located staIrcase In the hallway of the house leads to the 140 m², expandable, attIc.

    The entIre property surface Is approxImately 7,020 m² In sIze, of whIch 1,254 m² Is allotted to the courtyard. DIrectly adjacent to the courtyard, you wIll fInd the garden wIth 2,214 m². A further 3,552 m² Is allotted to the grassland (outsIde area).

    Gross floor space resIdentIal house:

    Ground floor: 144 m²

    Top floor/AttIc: 145 m²

    PartIal basement: 5 m²

    Rear cultIvatIon/extensIon: 20 m²

    The four-sIded farmhouse Is sItuated on a developed vIllage road wIth lots of green spaces and street lIghts.

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